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Air Show

We had a fantastic day down at Bournemouth's Air Show. We got there early and found a brilliant spot on the beach to sit and watch the planes later on. We wandered the stalls having a look at the guns and being show how to hold them. H had ago at flying a plane in a simulation game only crashing once while A and O went inside the old helicopter looking at all the controls and talking to the man about what different parts do. They were pretending to talk through the headset. H was given a Army helmet to try on. We headed back to the beach and had some fun digging in the sand and swimming in the sea getting all wet and jumping the waves. We all got out the water and dry ready to watch the planes. We loved this part, O and E loved the Typhoon and H and A both said the Chinook was their favourite. We went for dinner at the Harvester after A had a go at the climbing wall. Then we watched the Red arrows which was super fun. A was shocked at how much everyone loved them.

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