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Beach Time

Today M wanted to go down to the beach, so we took a digger and a scoop vehicle with us. M was having fun driving the scoop down the road towards the beach. When we arrived we had a little bit of a run around before M decided to create a sandcastle, we used our vehicles to bring the sand closer to build the castle then M went to find some rocks, shells and a stick to finish it off.

Afterwards, he spotted the big rocks that other children were climbing on and wanted to give them a try. We started on the easy rock that he could climb on and jump off all by himself before gradually climbing up each of the bigger rocks, he loved this so much and enjoyed jumping off them all. Before we left there was the super-high rock we hadn't climbed before and M said I had to climb it before we left, so I tried and succeeded. M joined me on top of the big rock and we could see his sandcastle, we also pretended we got stuck up the top, he was very proud of getting on the big rock. It was a fun day out at the beach!

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