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Bournemouth Day and First times

We had a fantastic day in Bournemouth starting out jumping in some big puddles before heading into the cinema for M's first time. We watched Trolls Band Together, A loved this and was super excited afterward. We then headed down to Jurassic Park where they had lots of fun jumping in the massive muddy puddle where the Zipwire was, they loved this and even started playing some games. They played Bear Hurt where they sang the song pretending the puddle was a bog, muddy field, and lots of other things, they headed up into the forest on the bear hunt A was very good at leading the boys through the trees. Afterward, O wanted to have a look at the map outside with E while A and M looked at the statues as I explained them to A, she was very interested. Afterwards, as it was starting to rain we headed into Oasis Fun which all of them loved, this was M's first time here also. When home we chilled out watching some TV and making some drawings.

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