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Bournemouth Gardens and a Snake!

Updated: Sep 19, 2023

We headed into Bournemouth for the day after dropping big sister off at school. First we had a look around the Aviary at all the different birds before heading down into the gardens where we saw a man walking his pet snake "sunshine" O loved this, he didn't want to leave her. The man let him stroke her, it was super cool. After we headed off he saw some squirrels getting very close to them before they ran off to eat some nuts. We found the fountain pond in the gardens and he just had to have a looked before he chased some birds in the town square. We had a lovely nature walk down to Coy pond, having a look at the river and trees along the way. Once we got to Coy pond we had a look at the huge Koi fish and all the ducks that were swimming around. Once we got to the other side where it was more quiet and less ducks we had a paddle in the pond before feeding the ducks some strawberries. It was a brilliant day.

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