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Bournemouth town

Today we had a fun day in Bournemouth. We started our day off with a trip to the cinema to watch the new Paw Patrol movie, Paw Patrol: The Mighty Pups with had some yummy popcorn and drinks, both the younger children loved it. A said it was cool and the movie was about Sky. O said it was good and he liked it. We then headed for lunch before going to Creams to play in the soft play and have some ice cream as per A's request. We then headed into Bournemouth gardens and has a look at the lions before going down to Jurassic Park for some fun playtime. We talked about what we our favourite part of the movie was each and about how many more we think they will make. We decided as they have made a Chase and now a Sky movie they will make one for each of the main pups, we are unsure if Everest and Tracker will get one.

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