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Christmas fun out and about

What a brilliant day we had, first we headed through King's Park walking Loki (the dog) which was requested by O to do. Both boy had their Wellies on so we did lots of jumoing in every puddle along the way. There was a super deep puddle they both went it which they loved. We took a quick pitstop in the park going on the climbing frame, roundabout and slide before we made our way to the bus stop.

Once we arrived in town we decided to do the Christmas trail, they are giving out children's activity books in the Alpine Lodge. We headed along to trail looking for the letters and finding each of the stops the boys loved the Giant Santa's and the Bauble. We then headed up to Creams where the boys had lots of fun together playing in the soft play, they enjoyed playing on the slide and turning me into a dinosaur with magic. We played lots of ofun games before heading to Mcdonald's for lunch.

We then went to collect A from school but we were a little early so the boys had another go in the park while we waited, they enjoyed going on the Zipwire, Roundabout and Climbing frame and playing with the other children that were in the park.

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