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Day out and about in Southbourne

Today we started off our day playing with some new birthday toys, racing the car around the track and finding out what items the car could push around and dressing up like a Dinosaur before heading out for the day. We roamed the park where we stopped and had our picnic lunch then headed over to the fairy garden, exploring all the little doors and looking at nature. We then took a stroll to Southbourne Grove getting a drink in Costa and having a sit down before going on a bear hunt through Fisherman's walk, seeing lots of squirrels and we found the bear! (using our imagination to pretend the stalk statue was the bear) running away from the bear we found ourselves at the pond where we had a look and found some Tadpoles, Newts and lots of moss. Unfortunately we didn't get to see the big fish, we spoke about the different pond life and how we shouldn't move lots of the plant life to see more as it's where the animals live. Then we ended up in the sand park having lots of fun making marks and drawing before playing in the house. Such a fun and adventurous day!

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