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Easter Hunt

Firstly, we headed down to the library where they had lots of fun easter activities O decided to do some drawing while A did puzzles we then hunted for the easter pictures hidden around the place, winning a chocolate egg at the end. Afterwards, we headed to do our easter egg hunt in the garden where they both had lots to find and had a fantastic time, they were so good at searching for the eggs.

Once the hunt was over and we had a chocolate break we made some yummy Rice Krispy Cakes. O loved stirring and mixing the chocolate in and A enjoyed adding the mini eggs on.

While letting the cakes cool we headed into Southbourne to the Easter fun event. We got to see the goats and donkeys, we spent lots of time stroking and chatting about them before we headed on the easter hunt through Southbourne needing to find the chocolate eggs in the shop windows.

As it was such a nice day once the easter fun was over we headed into the sand park for a while mainly playing in the sandpit and making sand angels.

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