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Forever Blowing Bubbles!

This morning we did a super fun science experiment where we made Bouncing Bubbles! For this you need to wear fluffy gloves so the bubbles don't pop. They will bounce on your hand until they pop by touching something else or just because. A loved this and wanted to hold the biggest bubbles, O enjoyed it too and was super happy when his bubble bounced lots of times.

We then headed down to King's Park for lunch and to play. A was so excited to show me how she can now stand and swing at the same time. O enjoyed the roundabout and tunnel, he also braved the swings a little. A also braved the rock climbing wall and kept trying her hardest to climb it, she got a little way up with help but it's a bit difficult. We then bumped into Loki (the dog) on his walk and went to say hi for a little while.

Afterwards, we headed to Littledown Centre for a playful swimming session where we jumped in and played lots of different games, they really liked blowing bubbles and saying their names under the water and practised swimming. They had a fantastic time.

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