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Fun at the Fair

This morning we headed to the park, walking over the train bridge, and luckily saw two trains which both children thought was fantastic. We headed into the park, playing on the wobbly bridge and slide, then heading over to the swings where A was swinging standing up and O braved sitting on the swing and kicking his legs. We then had a surprise where our friends E and H showed up with Loki (the dog)! On the way back A and O got to walk Loki with some help.

We then headed on the bus to the Funfair at Littledown, they had so much fun. A went on every ride she was able to except the Mirror Maze. They both started off with going on the spinning cups which A loved, O wasn't as keen. Then A wanted to go on the Trampolines; unfortunately O was too little for the harness but A loved it. We then headed over to the Bouncy House where they both went in jumping on the trampolines, going on the slide, and playing with the bouncy balls. O then was super excited to go on the Cars; he went on these at the last fair and absolutely loved them, and it happened again here. This was definitely his favourite ride. As his last choice of ride he chose to go on the Cars again later with A and H. A then headed onto the DodgeEm's with E, H, and their other friends, the J's. She rode with J's mum and said it was super fun! Afterwards they (A and O) both went onto the Flying Elephant with E and had fun ringing the bell at the front. A went on the Spinning Swings, then headed onto the Train with E and said it was her favourite ride. H and E then asked O and A to go on the rocking boats which they enjoyed before heading on the Bouncy House and Slide. To finish the day off A went on the Ghost Train with H and J, but wanted to go on again with J (they ended up going on 5 times!). While they were doing this O and myself enjoyed our donuts, giving A hers as we left. What a fantastic day out!

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