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Fun day out with Rory (School Dinosaur)

This weekend the children had the school dinosaur 'Rory', we had lots of fun showing him different places throughout the day. We first headed out to Boscombe Library to Lego Club having fun building lots of different things and exploring the children's area, Rory even practiced surfing. After the library we headed to Cappuccino's for lunch and some soft play. They took Rory on the slide and enjoyed playing with the other children, We got some funny photos taken using filters. Per A's request we went to 'The Café Park' also known as Churchill gardens. They had lots of fun playing on the slide, roundabout, trampoline and Spinning Swing. Before leaving we found an airplane and experimented with throwing it as far as we could, Rory even got to ride the plane! It was a brilliant day.

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