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Halloween Adventure Day

We had a super busy day doing lots of Halloween activities.

Frist we headed down to Boscombe Chine Gardens to do a Spooky Nature Trail. We had to find the flyers with information about different Autumn living things and answer the questions on our sheet. A really enjoyed this and lots of the animals were dressed up in Halloween costumes. A said her favourite one was the 'Spooky Mushroom fingers' and O loved the 'King Crown' after finding them all we headed back to the start desk and the woman talked to us all about different Mushrooms and showed us some along with some snails. A really enjoyed learning about the Mushrooms and understanding that some can be edible and some are poisonous. Later in the day while at the library we were reading some books and there was a red mushroom, A pointed it our and said that one is poisonous because red means danger. While in the gardens we had a quick play in the water park before doing the Nature Trail. After this we headed back into Boscombe to find all the spooky monsters, we found 6 in Boscombe and rewarded our selves with a trip to Churchill Garden's Park then for some yummy ice cream from the new shop. Both A and O had Jelly Ice cream which they said was yummy. We then headed down to the library where we did some Halloween colouring, wordsearch and read some fun books. Afterwards we headed to the Softplay for lunch getting some Chips.

Once we got home we did some more Halloween Activities getting O to finish off the Banner that A had done previously along with drawing on some Halloween shaped felt.

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