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Hengistbury Head

We had a lovely Day at Hengistbury Head after having a quick morning play at Cappuccino's and chasing some birds. We got an open top bus for the ride to the Head seeing lots of different things along the way including the beach. We played on the wooden train and walked along the head seeing the cows. We went into the visitors centre seeing historical artifacts and example of early life in the area and lots of information about the wildlife around. On our walk we have a check list of different animals we might see including Dragonflies, Butterflies, Grasshoppers, Cows, Bee's. We had Grass Snakes and Frogs on our list however we didn't see any. We saw lots of doggies. A said "We saw 2 black cows and 2 brown cows so that's 4 cows". We got to the top of the Head looking out at the see counting the boats. We saw the coastguards hut and pretended to be doing their job by scanning the water with our pretend binoculars made by our hands. We had a fun train journey back seeing the cows again. On our bus journey back we had company of a little bird who enjoyed part of the ride. We had a great day!

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