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Moors Valley

Updated: Nov 30, 2023

We had a fantstic afternoon at Moors Valley going along the play trail. We got to see people climbing up in the trees and having fun on the different play equipment along the route. We followed the blue signs that A read saying "Play trail" to help us get to each section, they also had signs that told us what the area was and A had a good time trying her best to read the names of each area, O also had ago with some of them, the super tricky ones E helped with telling them the name of the area. When we got to the Hawk play equpitment after having some fun A spotted some signs in the distants so we headed over to explore and see what they were.

It was an exabition about deforestation and floods, A was very intresting in ready each sign and understanding what was happening and why the people in the photos need help. There were lots to do with floods and islands dissapearing where people live ( houses floating on sand bags) one of the images was of some children on the beach of their tiny island spelling out SOS. We saw some about deforestation and had a discussion about why it's bad and talk about all the animals that loose their homes to forest fires.

We then continued on the Play Trail before heading into the park for a little bit and seeing the triain go by. Everyone had a brilliant day.

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