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Nativity Play and Christmas Movies

Today we headed down to the shop grabbing some yummy popcorn and milkshake for our movie morning. We enjoyed playing pretended A said I looked like Santa because of my big red coat and she was chatting to me as Santa, we we're talking about all my friends Easter bunny, Jack the pumpkin king, the tooth fairy, Jack Frost. She then asked if O's buggy was my sleigh and said that we we're riding in it, I agreed that with my magic I turned it into a buggy but only my friend Katie has been in my sleigh. When we got back to the house we watched Christmas Chronicals as she wanted to see who 'my' friend Katie was. Afterwards we watched Sea Beasts. They loved watching these with lots of popcorn and snacks.

Once the rain stopped we headed into Boscombe to watch the Nativity play, everyone enjoyed this we followined the star as they moved around, listened to the story of baby Jesus, joined in with singing the Christmas songs and at the end there was real life donkeys. A really wanted to stroke them and O also had fun doing so, then every child got a gift of a selection pack and a book of the story.

Once we arrived home they both wanted to listen to the book we got and enjoyed talking about what happened. It was a super fun day!

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