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Play time

Today we had lots of fun playing different games, we built towers, played peek-a-boo in the tent before going into the garden having fun with sand and water, we really enjoyed the different textures between the dry and wet sand adding sticks and stones into our play to make drawings and a flag for the castle adding the stones to "make a mouth and eyes, just like mine". We also had such fun jumping and running around while singing "we're going on a bear hunt" and "Jumping bean" then playing on the slide pretending to be mum. Playing lots of catching games running around the garden and playing with the ball. We went on a big Hunt finding spiders, snails and bee's, we talked about how they collect pollen from the flowers to take back to their hive, we watched them land on flowers counting how many we found. We held the snail having a closer look being careful before carefully putting it back gently.

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