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Science Museum

Today we took a trip down to the Science Museum. When we first arrived we headed into the back room where we looked at some different types of mushrooms, A was pointing out ones she thought would be poisonous, when asking her why she said 'Red means they are dangerous and we don't touch them or eat them' We had learned about different types of mushroom last year at Halloween. We then had a look at the Taxidermy animals A thought it was very cool to be able to touch them without the animal running away. She was really interested in the Fox. E enjoyed looking at all the different birds and the different sized eggs from different animals.

In the museum they were showing off some live insects and spiders, we watched from afar at first as A and E don't like bugs, but when the stick insect came our I held her and showed her to them, A pointed out that it looked like a leaf and E even held her.

We then headed upstairs where we found some skulls and shells of different animals, along with a Mummy, the man show A what the mummy looked like within the Sarcophaguses, she thought it was really cool. We then headed downstairs to the fossils and gems section finding our birthstone gems unfortunately they didn't have E's one as it is tricky to come across. A was shown how graphite is turned into pencils and she was able to use a bit of graphite to draw.

Once back upstairs they had the Tarantula 'Rosy' out again and I held her showing both E and A that it was okay, A stroked her legs and body then with a bit of encouragement she held her which was super brave. Being scared of spiders and holding the tarantula definitely called for some Ice cream, the ice cream she got was super big and everyone was shocked at the size when it came out! While eating we talked about the museum and what our favourite parts were, A said she enjoyed the gems and crystals but also the fox and E said she liked the curiosity cupboard which had some dead sea creatures in jar inside, there was an Octopus and Starfish.

After our Ice cream we headed into the sand park where A had some fun playing on the slide and sand digger, her friend then arrived at the park and she played with her for a while before we walked about the clifftops where we saw a man practising to go paragliding, we then picked O up from nursery and went home making some pancakes and playing with bubbles.

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