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Swedish Blue Duck

Today we headed back down to the Pond with A as she also wanted to see the Big black duck. She decided she wanted to take lunch down with us today as O did yesterday. After our lunch we had a look at all the different ducks, A loved them all and O kept asking for the big black duck but we couldn't see her. A noticed that lots of the ducks were swimming together in pairs always one brown and one green-headed, she asked why so we talked about how they are paired together bonded and most likely will have babies together in the spring. When we started feeding the ducks the big black duck came swimming over accompanied by a green-headed Mallard. A asked if they are a bonded pair and from watching them we decided they are, we can't wait to see if they have babies in the Spring.

After the pond we headed to the park where they had fun playing on the swing and slide, they enjoyed racing on the slides, however, we didn't stay long as we had to get ready to go swimming in the afternoon, which both of them had so much fun doing. O loved jumping in while A enjoyed using her goggles and looking under the water. It was a brilliant day.

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