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What happens if my child becomes sick in your care?

If your child/children become sick while in my care, I will message you to explain the situation. I will do everything in my power to make sure your child/children are comfortable and safe until you can collect or come home. If it is an emergency and they need to be taken to hospital I am happy to get them there and stay with them until you can arrive, If there is more than one child in my care I will have to bring them with me.

Are you able to prepare a healthy meal if required?

Yes, I have a food hygiene certificate and understand the importances of a nutritionally balanced diet, providing their in nutritional food available i am more than happy and capable to prepare this, however if i am taking them on an outing i ask for a prepared lunch to be provided.

What is the maximum number of children you can take care of at once?

In the UK a babysitter can watch up to six children under the age of eight, of those six children 3 can be young children (0-5) until the 1st September after their fifth birthday, with nannying jobs I can have up to 2 families at one time.

How will you keep my child safe?

I will ensure that i have the child/children in my eyesight at all times, if the child/children are sleeping I will check on them every 10 minutes. I have my paediatric first-aid and safeguarding qualifications. 

How would you entertain my child during the day?

I will be happy to take them to age appropriate community clubs or outing to local areas of interest depending on the child's age. If there is a specific club that you would like your child to attend I would be happy to take them and stay if necessary depending on age, all fees for this type of club would need to be paid in advance. 

Would you be able to take my child to an event? (e.g birthday party)

Yes, I am happy to take your child/children to events if you are unable to attend, I will stay with the child or pick them up after if requested depending on their age. If extra items are needed for the event, such as a present and card, please provide these in a separate bag with any information needed.

What happens if i need to cancel short notice or don't show up?

What happens if I was late home or asked you to stay longer?

If you need to cancel a booking that is 3 hours or more at very short notice with less than 48 hours warning or don't show up there will be a cancelation fee of the amount due.

Please refer to my Cancellation Policy for more details. 

If you are late home I will add the additional time onto your invoice. If you are over an hour late home or I have another client booked in I will contact the adults listed on your children's contact form. If you ask me to stay longer and I have the availability usually I am happy to do so.

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