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Baking Morning!

This Morning we had lots of baking to do for the Halloween Party.

We first decided to make our Rice Krispie Monsters, A helped mix the marshmallows and butter together on the stove while O mixed the rice krispies and marshmallow mixture together in the bowl. We had lots of fun making these and once they had completely stuck together to added the icing making different monsters and adding some crazy eyes to them. We made one big cake also and went wild with eyes on top. These were delicious! After washing up all the used items and our hands we got ready to bake our next treat, cookies! These cookies use 3 ingredients butter, sugar and flour we also added chocolate chips. O and A loves helping with mixing and getting their hands all messy before rolling them into balls and putting them in the oven. Once the cookies had cooled down we enjoyed turning them into spooky spiders using melted chocolate and Wispa bites.

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