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Choo, Choo, Splash!

We had a fantastic day out today. First, we headed out to the Trainmaster event, here everything was all about trains, they had lots of different train tracks with automatic trains which A loved playing with, they also had a ride-on train that went down a ramp and along the floor and second one that was on the tracks. O absolutely loved this event as he loves trains he was super excited when we went into the room and was so happy to play with them all. A and O both said their favourite thing was the ride on green train.

Then we headed through the woods where they enjoyed climbing on the broken trees and doing lots of balancing before going down to Redhill. We enjoyed some time in the park playing on the slide, roundabout and boat. We also went into the paddling pool splashing, having fun and getting wet. After lunch A wanted to do some races where she was timed running around the pool getting an average of 29 seconds, after being told if she got 26 seconds she could have an ice cream she did it in 24 seconds! We then went back into the park to play some football before heading home.

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