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Mother's Day Gifts

Today we headed out to the cinema bright and early to watch the new Disney movie Wish, we had some yummy popcorn and enjoyed the movie. With a stop off at McDonald's for lunch we then headed home for an afternoon of messy creations.

We had fun choosing out painting colours and having fun making cards for Mum, we decided on flowers in a pot. First, we used a paintbrush to make out pot colours, A chose to do striped pink and red while O chose all red. Then using a fork we made our flowers O enjoyed this part and A got all messy when doing hers.

We set them down to dry while getting our canvas pictures ready. A used scrunched-up foil to dap onto her canvas with orange, green and blue. We covered O's canvas with some plastic and added splotches of paint to the canvas, he then used his fingers to move the paint around and mixed the colours. After the canvases were completely covered we waited for them to dry before peeling off the tape we had added beforehand to make a heart shape.

After we finished the messy painting O wanted to watch some TV while A used up the paint we had out to create a picture of herself. It was a super fun day!

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