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Topsy Turvy

We had a fantastic trip to the Upside down House in Bournemouth. We got to head inside and explore the different areas, looking up at all the furniture was funny to see. O pointed out Buzz lightyear and the Dinosaur being on the roof along with the photo of the Ice cream where they pretended to eat them. In the bathroom A found it very funny that the toilet was upside down and we all tried to wash our hands in the sink, spotting lots of duck accessories along the way, there were duck slippers! Heading upstairs to the main area of the house feeling off balanced and a bit wobbly, we sat under the table taking photos pretending that we were trying to get back down to the ground. We enjoyed sliding along the floor and trying to reach the bed. On our way out we noticed the guitars being upside down and enjoyed looking out the window near them before heading outside and taking some photos in front of the house. What a brilliant adventure.

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